Congressional Intent

The ADA insures that people with disabilities are guaranteed  ". . . the opportunity to blend fully and equally into the rich mosaic off the American Mainstream  . . . We will not tolerate discrimination in America."

- George H W Bush, signing the ADA into law, 1990

What is Disability Justice?

Disability Justice is who we are and what we do.

Disability Justice is civil rights.  There are many organizations promoting civil rights.  We promote civil rights as guaranteed in the US Constitution, reinforced by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This year we celebrate 30 years of the ADA.  This year is also the 100th anniversay of the 19th Amendement to the Constitution.

The 19th Amendment did not give women the right to vote.  Women already had that Constitutional right.  The 19th Amendment tore down the societal barrier to women voting.  The ADA is the same.  The ADA tears down the societal blocks to full civil rights for people with disabilities.  The ADA regulations and standards are federal law deisnged to tear down the physical and societal barriers to inclusion.  ADA regulations and standards are not suggestions, they are law.

We, Disability Justice work to build active, effective implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Congress did not put any money into civil rights for people with disabilities.

This is a fatal flaw.


There is no  money for public education, investigation, and enforcement.  Zero money was a compromise to get the law passed with bi-partisan support.  No money means 30 years after signing, there is still no real committment by the federal government to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a guarantee of civil rights.  It is not social services, healthcare, or wellness law.  Get that stereotype out of your head.  The ADA guarantees the right to be included.  There can be no democracy without inclusion.  Want to build democracy?  Fight for civil rights for people with disabilities.  The ADA means affordable housing, good transportation, universal healthcare, voting rights, public education, workers' rights, Medicaid, Medicare, the social contract.

We, Disability Justice educates about civil rights and people with disabilities.  "Disability civil rights" are no different from the civil rights guaranteed to everyone.  Disability rights are civil rights.  Makes a good bumper sticker.

We, Disability Justice, promote the American value of inclusion.   Everyone has the constitutional right to participate in the everyday life of the community.  This means education, civic engagement, commerce, employment, recreation -- ALL aspects of everyday life.

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Disability Justice is committed to making the Americans with Disabilities Act more than words on paper.  We are committed to democracy by full implementation of the ADA.

Disability Justice works with You, Allies and Self-advocates, to:


  •   - Effectively identify and challenge barriers
  •   - Educate the public about the importance of the ADA
  •   -  Advocate good public policy
  •    - Share success stories with the media
  •    - Vote!  Everyone's rights depend on voting


Learn fast, easy methods to remove barriers.  Talking with people expands understanding.  Nothing is trivial.  ADA compliant restrooms are not trivial.  Steps to enter a store or restaurant are barriers.  Each inclusion improvement adds weight to the goal of the ADA.

Often it only takes one phone call or an email.  Learn the ways; from sending an email to filing an official complaint.  Different situations need different remedies.  When is talking with a store manager best?  When is it necessary to file a complaint with an official agency?  What options are there in between?  We know what works!

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