Snow 2020

It’s no surprise.  It’s winter.
A common frustration is disabled parking spaces filled with snow.


What can one person do?

Point this barrier out to the manager.  Those parking spaces make it possible for customers to get into their building.  Urge them to get it cleared right away.  People with disabilities spend money – if they can get into the building.

When customers see this barrier, you can bet they will go somewhere else.  They won’t return until the snow is gone if they ever return.  It is federal law that the disabled spaces be usable.  They aren’t if they are full of snow.

Does the manager have a contract for snow plowing?  Suggest they put a penalty into the contract.  The penalty will be a charge to the plowing service for every day the disabled parking is blocked.

Is Civil Rights Hate Speech?

Twitter refuses to let us advertise about civil rights.

What is hate speech?  After total neglect since day 1, twitter has decided not to decide.  So, a ban on all kinds of advertising goes into effect this month.

Instead of looking at the content of the advertising, twitter is doing the corporate CYA.

Ban advocates.  Hate speech is bound to be in there somewhere.  Right?

I can’t tweet about this.  I was threatened with banishment and a permanently locked account.

How can we reach social justice advocates?  Click here

Suggest groups we can talk to.  Click here

Wisconsin v Civil Rights

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

The State of Wisconsin is advising how to break federal civil rights law. 

Tucked into the state commercial building code is a problem.  Only Wisconsin has this little stinker.   The problem is that the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services created an “exception” to the building code.   This change means Wisconsin is illegally giving permission to the public to violate federal law.

No one challenged this practice until we did.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is civil rights law.  It is modeled after the more famous Civil Rights Act of 1964.  It is not frivolous.  It is not optional.  Wisconsin staff cannot pick and choose which federal law they like.

Federal law has priority over every state law and every state regulation.  Plain and simple.

Why isn’t Wisconsin checking building code for conflict with federal law?

How many local governments and businesses used the advice to break federal civil rights law?

Why does the department refuse to meet with us?

What other departments of Wisconsin government are undermining the civil rights of people with disabilities?

The Burlington Common Council voted to use this little piece of the building code.  The Council voted to put state regulations over federal law.  The Council voted to violate federal law based on advice from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.



If you think this piece of the Wisconsin building code should be made right, tell Governor Evers:
SPS 362.2902.4(4) must be changed. 
The State of Wisconsin should be supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act, not undermining it.     Click Here: Voice an Opinion  This link goes directly to the governor’s online form


Let us know the reply you get.   Contact us.   We appreciate that. 

Shoes & Walkers & Mobility

Disability is a normal part of life.  It may be acquired.  It may be from birth.  It might be visible.  It might be invisible.

Can you imagine walking city sidewalks, hiking paths, mowing the lawn . . . without shoes?

It’s normal to use devices to get around.  Your shoes are a mobility helper.

Shoes are a normal part of everyday life.

Walkers are normal.  This one is decked out for the 4th of July.

Notice the large front tires.  This is an off-road walker.
This walker makes it easier to walk on grass in the park, on icy sidewalks in the winter, and on uneven sidewalks year ’round.

Walkers provide extra stability.  And freedom.  Just like shoes.

Using mobility devices is normal.
Disability is a normal part of life.