"Together we must remove the physical barriers we have created and the social barriers that we have accepted."

-- President George H. W. Bush, 1990, signing the ADA into law

It is people who make the Americans with Disabilities Act more than words on paper.


Allies and Advocates tear down barriers !

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  • Understand Congressional intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act - civil rights; not "helping"
  • Recognize barriers to inclusion
  • Learn remedies; how to be effective
  • Advocate good public policy
  • Share success stories with the media
  • Vote! Because everyone's rights depend on your vote


Allies and advocates believe in the Constitutional rights and human rights of every person.   Allies and advocates make the ADA work.  We do it by identifying barriers and breaking them down.  Barriers are steps (with no alternative), terrible accoustics, swimming pools with no lift, parking lots with no handicapped parking spaces or piles of snow plowed into the handicapped spaces, painted braille dots without bumps . . .

People want to do the right thing.  They don't notice problems until pointed out.  Allies and advocates are invaluable.

We know ways to fix these and more barriers.  Curb cuts, hearing loops, lifts, ramps, restrooms with grab bars and sufficient space for a wheelchair - fixing problems insure that everyone keeps their dignity and can freely be part of life.  Have you seen "flat" painted on braille dots?  Say something.   Someone tried and missed on this one.

Ramps, lifts and ADA restrooms are for everyone.  Using crutches?  Ramps, lifts and ADA restrooms are for you!  Arthritis or knee replacement?  Ramps, lifts, braille, hearing loops, and ADA restrooms are for you!  You may need these now or in the future.

It's time to be vocal about dignity.  Be vocal about civil rights.   It's simple and it takes very little time.  Consider signing up for our newsletter.  Get ideas on how to break down barriers.

Feel good about making changes.

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