BBC’s Ouch is one of the very best English-language podcasts in the world.

The episodes are intelligent, upbeat, and honest. I could tell you that I am sure you will enjoy them.  I could tell you all kinds of things.  But – it is really better if you listen to it and decide for yourself.

I’ve been listening to it for 3 years.   I dig back a few years and always find gold in the earlier podcasts.  This is a good one to start your podcast binging:  “Me and the Guide dog went into lockdown so I got a cat”.  You will find many more podcasts like this on their website.

   ~ Dorothy K Dean


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Listen to this podcast.  That’s the action we recommend.

What are you doing as you are Safe at Home?  What is your favorite podcast of any kind?  Your favorite book right now?  What about online videos (kittens and puppies are welcome)?  We’ll post a list.

Podcasts, books, videos

Podcasts, books, videos

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Photo:  K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash