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Update on officials spotted with ASL interpreter — contact us when you see an interpreter

Mayors: Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC

Governors: Georgia Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Iowa, Connecticut, Wisconsin

You and I can make sure COVID-19 statements reach as many people as possible at the same time.

We are asking you to do a simple thing: say something Ask for ASL interpreters.  There are too many important briefings and announcements that do not include people with hearing loss.  When anyone is not safe, none of us are safe.

Three days ago I watched the Michigan Governor give life-saving information on YouTube. I left a comment asking for an interpreter.


Every official must have an ASL interpreter.  That is the best way to get essential information out to the public.

If they have an interpreter, thank them.  Use the comment section on YouTube.   Or use the contact information on the government website.

If they do not have an interpreter – ask for one.  Use the contact information on the government website.  Here is the link for Governor Evers of Wisconsin.

Do the same for the federal briefings.  Dr. Fauci and the other medical professionals at the briefings must be heard.  I have not seen any interpreters at any of the federal press conferences.

Interpreters are essential for Q & A.

I now see an ASL interpreter at announcements by the  Mayors of Chicago and of Los Angeles and the Governors of Georgia, Michigan, and Illinois.

The importance of ASL interpreters for government does not go away with the pandemic.  Ask your local officials to have an ASL interpreter for every meeting and briefing they do.  ASL interpreters help keep us safe.

When one of us is not safe, none of us are safe.  When the civil rights of one of us are ignored, the civil rights of all of us are ignored.

Please share this with your friends and family. 


Sample message you can use:

Lives are at stake. Please have an ASL interpreter at every briefing you do. Right now COVID-19 information is essential.  There is no safety when anyone is excluded.

All state and local officials must have an ASL interpreter. Every person must get this information.

This is about the right of every person to be part of society. There is no democracy when anyone is excluded.   There is no safety when anyone is excluded. 

Tell us every time you see an official briefing with an ASL interpreter.


Please keep yourself safe
Dorothy K Dean, Founder of Disability Justice
             Rachel Kresser, Policy Analyst

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Photo:  K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash