Back story from Wisconsin State Journal 10/11/2019


It’s the kid who demands your lunch money.  It’s his price to let you in the school door.  Now he’s older. He pulls the same stunt.  The stakes are higher.

The bully wants all your lunch money for the entire school year plus all your birthday presents.

Our US Constitution guarantees you the right to enter that door.  Our Constitution guarantees you no interference; no discrimination.  You have the right to participate in the everyday life of society by law.

Federal civil rights law guarantees no discrimination against people  based on disability, gender, skin color, pregnancy, national origin, age, gender identity.  Every one of us fits into at least one of these groups at some time in our lives.

Every elected official takes an oath to uphold the Constitution. The bully at the door broke his oath of office.  Discrimination breaks faith with the people of Wisconsin.

Representative Anderson is keeping his promise to the people of Wisconsin.  He is fighting for the rights of every person in Wisconsin.

Bravo to Rep Anderson!


You don’t have democracy when any people are excluded and are subject to discrimination.

This is year 29 since the Americans with Disabilities Act became law.  At the signing, President George H. W. Bush said:

. . .  we will not tolerate discrimination in America.”

Tell your state representative what you think about disability civil rights.  Click Here