The woman, we will call “Mary”, arranged in advance with the Hilton.  The Hilton knew she would arrive with her companion, we will call “Dakota”.   Dakota is a service dog, also called a seeing-eye dog.

Everything was fine.  Until she arrived.  Then a manager blew up when he saw Dakota.  He yelled at Mary, refused to look at her paperwork for Dakota, and threw her out of the hotel.  He called the police and forced her to wait outside.  She had to find another hotel and pay a premium for a last-minute booking.

This is ignorance. This is discrimination.  This is illegal.

This incident (and others like it) is why we speak to groups about civil rights.  We explain what civil rights for people with disabilities mean.  We talk about service animals and how they differ from “comfort” animals.  We explain how this intersects with attacks on Medicare and Medicaid; voting rights, fair housing, access to public spaces, how discrimination blocks millions of people from being part of everyday life and what each of us can do about it.  Contact us

This time it happened in Wisconsin.  Discrimination happens everywhere, every day.  Tell us your  experience.


You don’t have democracy when any people are subject to discrimination.  The ADA is clear about the right of people to have service dogs to navigate and be part of society.