UPDATE:  Nothing is simple.  Try to wrap your head around this.  It’s OK to park a front end loader on the yellow symbol painted on the ground.  That yellow symbol is not the official blue and white metal sign.

There is no blue and white sign posted anywhere.  Therefore the space is not really a handicapped parking space.  The yellow symbol does not make it a handicapped space.  And it gets better.

The restaurant is required by law to have 1 handicapped parking space for every 25 ordinary ones.  If they do not have any handicapped spaces, so what.  No one enforces that law.

In the end, that restaurant and every other business can get around the ADA by not putting up the blue and white metal signs.   Is this wrong?  Yes.   This shows why we need to put pressure on lawmakers to fix this.

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Does anyone believe that a front end loader has state approval to use handicapped parking spaces?

Small front end loader construction equipment parked in handicapped spot

State law prohibits this situation. When you see this abuse of handicapped parking, call the police.

Keep the police department administrative line numbers in your phone. I have numbers for all the city and village police in this area in my phone.

This complaint is easy.  State law is clear: No parking in a handicapped spot without the blue and white card.

When friends and I visited this restaurant for lunch and talked with the staff about the problem. The equipment was quickly moved. (The food is good.)

But now, I see this thing parked just like in the photo. The parking fine should convince the owner that it just isn’t worth the cost to park illegally.

This parking lot is located on the SW corner of 1st Street and Greenfield Ave. in Milwaukee. If you see this, call the police.  See the next post.  The police cannot enforce the law on private property.